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you're incredibly frustrated with brands.

Without a doubt, brands are knocking at your door, in your inbox. But their best deal for you are gifts, affiliate commission and $150… in exchange for your hours and resources to create content.

Let's face it, growing your social media following is hard work. You've spent countless hours creating content and nurturing your community, but you still haven't found a way to attract the high-quality brands who have the budget you’re looking for.

Heck, you don’t even know what’s fair and unfair compensation.

You’re scared to reply back to a brand because you don’t know what to say, but you also don’t want to lose the opportunity.

You’re growing jelly of all the girlies who made their “A BRAND JUST PAID ME $10,000” TikToks and you’re asking yourself… 


But all the things you don’t know are incredibly paralyzing you!

when is this finally going to happen for me?

creating content full time is your dream

partner and collaborate with your favorite brands

open your inbox with offers from brands who want to pay top dollar for that *exact* content you went viral with last week

have the confidence to say NO because you know where to draw the line and how much this social media art form is worth

hit $10k months from brand deals and UGC work that pay you more for WAY LESS WORK (30 videos? *insert Beyonce lyrics here*)

have the stability in your creator income by booking partnerships with brand who want to work with you for 6 months or more

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YOU want to have the freedom and income potential that doesn't come with your 9-5 because YOU KNOW you’re meant for MORE!

the sponmaster membership

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Learn *exactly* who you are as a creator and go from “this industry is too saturated for me to exist in” to “this is how I stand out”

Have the confidence to charge properly for the scope that is asked of you by the brand and what your expertise is worth

Eliminate the fear of talking to brands and negotiate with conviction because you know the outcome will always be what’s best for you

master the business side of the creator/influencer industry and be supported by industry experts and a network of other creative entrepreneurs who want to build a business just like YOU!

A guided course curriculum of our signature program, The SponMaster ®, for influencers and creators who need ON DEMAND support in solidifying their brand deal income from pitching, to negotiating, to rates, to back-to-back contracts and more!

are you ready to trade in-kind & penny offers for livable income and beyond?

Create your own business owner routine and make decisions on how to keep your brand deal pipeline full

join the sponmaster membership and get grandfathered!

✓  Personalized creator success plan
✓  Our entire brand deal resource vault
✓  Weekly group coaching calls/month with Naomi and your content coach (specializing in marketing and UGC)
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✓  Access to our IG, TikTok and UGC rate calculators

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*All payments are auto-charged every month or 12 months. If you choose to leave the membership, you are responsible for canceling your payment.

meet your head coach

I'm an online educator, lifestyle content creator and microinfluencer based in Los Angeles with an audience of over 120,000 across the world wide web. I'm also an influencer talent manager over at Boost Society, where I help influencers negotiate their collaborations. I love helping creators, bloggers and influencers to not only monetize their influence online, but also create impact that drives change and have a fully-realized influential business.

I've been influencing since 2012, and for most of my career, I absolutely had no idea what I was doing.

I didn't know what I was worth, and I thought I needed over 50,000 followers to turn this gig into a career. So I treated it like a hobby and stayed with my engineering job.

But just like every run-of-the-mill story you've probably heard, the more I got promoted and led the multimillion-dollar projects of my dreams, the more miserable I became working in the corporate world.

hi, i'm naomi

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So I gave myself 2 years to diversify and create new streams of income, and influencing sparked my exit strategy.

I came back to Instagram with new intentions and purpose: I wanted to help others live a life of purpose and create real, deep impact in the world. But the comeback wasn't easy at all.

There was A LOT OF LEARNING AND UNLEARNING involved. But I knew that if I really wanted to make my timeline work, I had to stop treating my influencer career like a hobby and start working it like a business.

I had every intention in juggling my 9-to-5 and my side biz until I can just live off my business income. BUT COVID HAPPENED, and my company laid me off in September of 2020. So I had no choice but to dive in and take more risks.

I felt like all the hard work I put in was worth more than the 2-3 weeks of vacation.

i have brought in $165,000+ in brand partnerships as a microinfluencer, helped my clients and students secure over $1.3 million and 7 creators hit that 6-figure mark in the last 2 years, and scaled my business to over $350,000 by 2022. I also have a powerhouse team of 10 who help me share everything I've learned with you in the last decade!

With all the years of trial and error, and my student-like mentality to find solutions for influencers' pain points, I've developed programs that will give you the tools to duplicate these results.

I'm passionate about sharing everything that I've learned over the last 10 years in the influencer industry, and I honestly just want to be one thing for you: that person I wish I had when I first started. So there's no fluff in the way I teach, which I hope you will come to appreciate.

In the last 4 years..

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