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Welcome! Thank you so much for your interest in working with me!

Naomi Genota is a content creator and online educator based in brooklyn, ny. 

She creates lifestyle and educational content, with the intention to help mold creators into influential profitable entrepreneurs. She is passionate about empowering people to live a lifestyle of purpose and create positive impact in their sphere of influence.

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If you are looking for Naomi to promote your brand on an in-feed post, reel, live or IGTV, grab the opportunity to work with her on her most active platform!

Naomi makes sure that all of her brand partnerships are authentic, align with her personal brand, and are something that her followers are looking for. She provides value and education. She tells a story visually and also through her copywriting.


If you are looking for Naomi to create TikTok videos that will educate her knowledge-hungry audience on TikTok, grab the opportunity to gain exposure on her newest crowd!


Interested in being featured on a blog post that drives organic traffic from Google and Pinterest? Looking to gain exposure from Naomi’s most loyal exclusive subscribers? Naomi’s blog and email newsletters are some of her most highly educational and action-driven pieces of content. She prides herself in creating solutions for her go-getter audience.

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content creation

Need Naomi’s creative eye for your upcoming campaign or to help you market your business? Naomi can create a variety of high quality visual content that you can use for your website, social media, ads, print and more. (Fun fact: Naomi travels to jaw-dropping destinations multiple times a year, so it’s a wonderful opportunity to create content that’s outside the box!)

speaking engagements

Helping influencers thrive in the social media industry is Naomi’s bread and butter. If you are looking to have Naomi interviewed on a podcast or publication, host a class as a guest lecturer, or become a part of a panel of experts to share her 10 years of knowledge about the influencer industry, Naomi is available for speaking engagements or expert consultation.

other services

Got another idea you want to pitch? We’d love to hear it! Whether it’s a live on Instagram or TikTok, a giveaway, a workshop, or an event attendance, share with us how you’d like to partner and we’d be happy to hop on a call!

For other collaborations or opportunities, please send Naomi an email.

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